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        LOUISE ROSE 


    My Story

    Hi, I’m Louise, the co-director of North West Crystals and the “mother” to the team. In the office I take care of all the HR and PR responsibilities and making sure that everyone does as they are told – especially Ade!


    I am a natural empath and have been reading Tarot cards professionally for over 20 years, as well as having a specialism in pendulum work and more recently, developing the Wiccan World side of the business with Eloise.


    Being an empath, I work on intuition and emotions and pride myself on being able to connect to people on a deep, spiritual level, giving advice to those within our community and the wider world to those that seek it.


    I have loved crystals from a very early age and try to connect with them as often as I can, especially with my favourites such as Calcites and Golden Healer.


    I love working with the moon cycles and candle magic as well as sharing my knowledge and providing guidance to people.  


    Im always happy to help any way i can.


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