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Manifestation Exercise

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This exercise is designed to help you achieve what you really need in your life or in the life of others. Please rest assured that there is no right or wrong way to do it, just see how you go and don't put any stress on yourself. Firstly, you'll need to get the right crystal to hand, we suggest any of the following - Agni Manitite, clear Quartz, Malachite or Tigers Eye. It's up to you wether you use tumbled or natural pieces, and in this case size doesn't matter! Wether it's a small tumble stone or a large specimen piece, it really has no additional benefits. Next, you'll need to find yourself somewhere peaceful and quiet with little or no distractions. Make yourself comfortable, crystal in hand and allow yourself to become calm and centred. Often the best way to achieve this is by visualising the room you're in then count backwards slowly from ten down to one, as each second ticks down see the room in your mind slowly disappearing until it's all gone by the time you get to zero. Now, in that blank mind and utter inner peace slowly start to see yourself with the thing you most need or want for others, if its an object - see it on your hand, if its a situation like a dream job - see yourself sat at the desk or mingling with co-workers. The key is to imagine that it already exists and you have "it" whatever "it" maybe. It is so much easier for the universe to accept something is its real than to create something from nothing! Good Luck Ade & Lou

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