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Calm the "F" down! is our own version of the famous Rescue Remedy. It is made by infusing premium grade Brandy with Blue Lotus Flower and Cherry Bark.

Blue Lotus flower contains two active ingredients, The two main compounds responsible for the flower’s medicinal effects are apomorphine and nuciferine

Apomorphine. A  compound that acts as a dopamine agonist, meaning it can instill a happy and euphoric feeling. It may also help with muscle control in those with conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and erectile dysfunction.


Nuciferine. A compound thought to act as an antipsychotic drug that induces feelings of calmness through mechanisms that aren’t yet fully understood.


Packaged in a handy 10ml bottle with pipette included. 

Directions, simply put 5-6 drops under the tongue when you're feeling stressed or anxious. Alternatively, put a dropper full in a glass of warm water and drink slowly.


Contains alcohol, only available to over 18 year olds.

Calm the "F" down!

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