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After a previous total sell out, we now have Ceremonial Grade Cacao paste back in stock. 


Our cacao paste has been grown sustainably amongst trees and shrubs, using Agroforestry land management system which supports the biodiversity of ther surrounding ecosystem in the Peruvian Amazon. Sourced from a local cooperative working fairly to support a group of small farms.


Made with a minimum of 70% Criollo beans - Criollo is known as the king of Cacao!


Each bag comes with a 125g amount of cacao which is known as a full ceremonial amount and can be infused into a milk of your choice - almond, oat milk are all great choices. Add a pinch of cayenne pepper and honey to taste.


Please note the bag does not include the blue lotus flower or palo santo pictured. These are available separately to order from our website. 

Ceremonial Grade Cacao Paste

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